Facial Acupuncture Gold Coast: The Nuwa way

The use of aesthetic facial acupuncture (also known as cosmetic acupuncture) has gained popularity worldwide as a way of promoting a more youthful look without resorting to expensive and invasive surgical procedures.

Many clients come to Nüwa Natural Health concerned about common signs of ageing: lines and wrinkles, sagging/drooping skin and loss of firmness, dryness or dullness of skin, pigmentation or uneven skin tone, facial tension, and pimples, acne, or acne scarring.

What to expect during your Aesthetic Acupuncture treatment

Your initial consultation will include our standard comprehensive health assessment sent to you before your first appointment.

You might be coming in for those dark circles or tired feeling skin, but here at Nuwa, we are all about making you shine from the inside out! 

Our 60 minute treatment sessions include a consult, body point acupuncture and facial acupuncture areas targeted to your goals, as well as facial cupping or gua sha.

Acupuncture is an accumulative medicine, so we encourage patients to commit to a 4 weekly plan which works with your skins 28 day cycle.  This will help to brighten your complexion, nourish your shen (soul expression seen in your face) and stimulate collagen production.  


Aesthetic Acupuncture may be of interest for those with

Dark circles or puffiness

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, dark circles under the eyes can be a result of energy depletion from the Kidneys or Liver, or from impaired or stagnated qi and blood circulation. Puffiness under the eyes (and other parts of the body) may be caused by impaired fluid metabolism. Stimulating specific acupuncture points promotes fluid metabolism to minimise the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

Pigmentation or dark spots

Pigmentation or dark spots (called melasma) are said to be caused by stagnation of Liver energy, which effects the  movement of qi and blood throughout the body. Acupuncture around the area of pigmentation is thought to help improve the flow of energy and blood, so that melasma are less pronounced in colour and size. 


Scarring occurs during the process of skin repair and is the result of abnormal healing. Scars can appear in many ways, but often present as hardened, discoloured, and raised. They can also develop as indentations in the skin.

Acne and pimples

There are several factors which can contribute to the presentation of pimples and acne.  Your therapist will go over your general health, including your diet and exercise habits, to better understand what is contributing to breakouts: there may be poor digestion, a build up of toxins, heat in the body, inflammation, or poor circulation.

If the circulation of qi, blood or lymph is poor, then swelling and blockages may occur at skin level, causing deep painful cystic pimples.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, when combined with dietary and lifestyle modifications, may help to improve digestive function, reduce inflammation and redness, swelling and painful pimples, and bring your body into harmony.


Why try Aesthetic  Acupuncture? 

Treatments at Nuwa Natural Health are designed to help with:

Blood and lymph flow

Which is thought to ease congestion, promoting an even skin tone and improved complexion.

Moisture and hydration

Evidence suggests that cosmetic acupuncture increases water and oil content in the facial skin (1).

Softening tense facial muscles

With a busy and active lifestyle comes stress. We are all exposed to it, and some hold that stress physically in muscles more than others. Over time the tension in finer facial muscles can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Through the use of motor points (neuromuscular junctions – where nerves enter the muscle) your therapist aims to reduce the activity of muscles which are holding tension – and less tension means a more youthful appearance.

Reducing stress and promoting health and wellbeing

By focusing on your individual health needs in relation to your current dietary and lifestyle factors, your therapist can assist you with general health and wellbeing. 


Frequently asked questions

Is there any downtime after a treatment?

There is no reason you cannot go back to your normal daily routine following your facial acupuncture treatment. However we do advise that you be gentle and allow your body to rest – so maybe put off your gym visit until tomorrow!

You may notice a slight flushing of the face immediately following your session, as the area has been stimulated, however this usually subsides fairly quickly. Cosmetic acupuncture is generally considered to be safe but occasionally (as with many health treatments), individuals may experience an adverse reaction. 

Can I get facial acupuncture while pregnant?

Speak to your acupuncturist before booking your facial acupuncture treatment. Because the sessions are focused on moving qi and blood, this can be a precaution during pregnancy. It will depend on your current health and stage of pregnancy.

What if I have a headache or migraine?

It is best not to have facial acupuncture if you are experiencing a headache or migraine as it increases blood and qi circulation in the area.

Can I have facial acupuncture if I have recently had Botox injections or fillers?

Because facial acupuncture helps move qi, blood and lymph in the face, this may counteract the effects of Botox and shorten the results of injections. Facial acupuncture may be used to target other areas free from Botox. If using fillers, it is recommended that you avoid stimulating the local area and dispersing the fillers.

I’m on blood thinners, will this affect my treatment?

Please be aware that if you are on any type of blood thinning medication that this will increase the risk of bruising. This also includes the use of medication such as aspirin, nurofen and ibuprofen.

Can I come in if I have my period?

You can still get facial acupuncture during menstruation, although you may notice increased sensitivity.

I have regular peels and laser. Can I still get facial acupuncture?

Both laser and peels increase the sensitivity of skin. Consider having acupuncture before going in for these types of treatments.


  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3745

currumbin Clinic closure + Update

Now that our beautiful Nuwa Tugun clinic is up and running, the time has come to close the doors of our beloved space at Currumbin.

Our Currumbin clinic has been a safe haven and a healing sanctuary for all of our patients over the years, and while we are saddened to see it go, we are excited for all that is to come at our stunning space in Tugun.

Our final day at Currumbin will be Monday, August 7, and we will be slowly transitioning our patients to the new spacious clinic only a couple of kilometres down the road over the next few weeks. We look so forward to welcoming our existing and new patients into the Nuwa Tugun space!