IVF Acupuncture Gold Coast: The Nuwa way

The choice to undergo IVF is a big decision for all couples. Often it comes after an emotional journey trying to conceive naturally making it a nervous, yet potentially exciting time. At Nüwa Natural Health, we focus on supporting you and your partner through the IVF process using traditional eastern medicine alongside the care provided by your fertility doctor. Eastern and Western medicine are no longer at odds, with evidence suggesting that there is value in combining alternative health treatments such as acupuncture and IVF (1).

At Nüwa Natural Health, lead practitioner Jessica has gained a wealth of experience in acupuncture and IVF throughout her career, and has extensive knowledge of IVF protocols, medications and expectations. She would be delighted to provide support to both you and your partner through your acupuncture and IVF journey with compassion, kindness and knowledge. 


During your first session, Jessica will go through your medical and fertility history in detail before tailoring an acupuncture treatment tailored to your body and individual circumstances, and making any herbal, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that may increase your chances of IVF success. 

Future acupuncture IVF sessions are delivered based on your individual IVF treatment plan, with the recommendation that these start 3 months prior to your IVF cycle.  Trying to add a baby to your family can be a stressful time, and regular acupuncture may also be of benefit to your emotional wellbeing (1).

To find out more, you may like to read our blog post “Considering Acupuncture and IVF?”.


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