Massage Gold Coast: The Nuwa way

At Nüwa Natural Health on the Gold Coast, we offer holistic massage services as a way to support your complete health and wellbeing.  


While our qualified and experienced therapists provide the most popular forms, such as: 

  • remedial massage;
  • sports massage; and
  • deep tissue massage.

They are also able to create an individualised, holistic massage treatment for you, based on your constitution and your current imbalances or complaint. This treatment may draw on different massage techniques, such as deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure, Ayurvedic, reflexology and aromatherapy.  

Massage has been used to promote health and wellbeing for thousands of years, and there is evidence (1) to suggest it has beneficial effects for pain and other symptoms, such as: 

  • muscle tension;
  • circulation problems;
  • stress and anxiety;
  • joint stiffness;
  • damaged tissue;
  • skin complaints;
  • poor concentration and focus;
  • sluggish lymphatic system;
  • difficulties with sleep patterns; and
  • swelling and bloating.

We also offer pregnancy massage services at our Gold Coast clinic.