The Transition Into Spring

Spring is the season of emergence of the new!  It’s more energetic, flexible, spontaneous and creative.  It harnesses intuition and the harmonious unfolding of an individual’s potential.  It’s all about  cleaning our environment and minds, and re-energise and bringing in the vibrant energy!

Spring allows for free flow of self expression, creativity and independence that is in harmony with the needs of others.  Days become longer and there is more demand to get things started, with fresh approaches to our lifestyles, diet and exercise and outlook are a must.  

Spring is the season of Wood, the element governed by the Liver and Gallbladder

The liver stores blood and regulates the volume of blood in the body at all times; when more blood is needed – for example during exercise – it sends out blood to nourish the muscles and tissues in the body.  It makes bile to aid digestion and also helps to detoxify by removing bacteria, and breaking down drugs and alcohol.

In TCM, the liver is believed to govern our sight, and helps us see the direction for the future

The gall bladder stores up to one litre of bile and balances energy through hormone production.  In TCM it is seen as the decision maker and controller of our judgment 

Lifestyle Tips For A Healthy Spring Season

  • Meditations that involve eye gazing or visualisations help connect to the eyes
  • Gentle moving meditation is also recommended for Spring. This helps keep the qi flowing smoothly
  • Keep life flexible and try to embrace going with the flow
  • Engage in activities that motivate you, and be around people who also motivate you
  • Work on expressing yourself and not letting things bottle up. especially resentment and frustration.
  • Practicing ways to safely release anger is imperative
  • Plan ahead and organise. The wood element is about motivation, moving forward and making things happen
  • Stay calm – during the spring there is new intense energy with the arrival of the season
  • Using a hairbrush with rounded bristles, hit your legs up and down the insides of your thighs and calves, starting at the ankles, for about five minutes. This gently stimulates your Liver meridian, allowing your qi to flow more freely and relaxing your Liver
  • Avoid alcohol. The Liver is responsible for metabolizing alcohol and detoxification
  • CLEANSE!!! Clean out and cleanse every aspect of your life
  • Moving daily helps to regulate liver qi.  In Spring, it’s advised to start introducing some more exercise that gets the energy moving and blood pumping
  • Exercising in the morning is best, trying different forms of exercise and starting some weight training to
    strengthen muscles and tendons
  • Boxing is a great exercise for stagnant liver energy and letting out anger
  • Just be mindful that if you have been slower in Winter, then ease into your exercise in Spring
  • Yoga poses to incorporate in Spring or to support the liver include: tree pose, any twists, and poses that activate the inner thigh