Womb Hara Massage on the Gold Coast: The Nuwa Way

Womb Hara Massage combines gentle abdominal massage with energy healing to nurture menstrual health and fertility, support digestion and detoxification, and unravel tension from the body. It also nourishes your nervous system and supports deeper breathing.

This massage focuses on the abdomen and pelvic bowl; including the womb, ovaries, digestive system, diaphragm, and lower back. Energy healing may also be interwoven with the massage to support your emotional and energetic wellbeing. 

Womb Hara can assist with menstrual cycle concerns, fertility and conception support, postpartum care, perimenopause and menopause symptoms, digestive health, healing after miscarriage or abortion, connection to your womb and more. 

Not suitable during pregnancy or if you currently have an IUD. Not recommended during your period or 2-3 days before, especially if you have heavy periods.

This treatment is perfect for any woman:

  • that would like to reconnect with their womb space
  • to assist in letting go of grief or past trauma
  • trying to conceive
  • with birth trauma
  • needing post-partum care
  • with menstrual cycle pain or irregularities
  • endometriosis, cysts or fibriods
  • lower back or sacral pain
  • to relieve stress and anxiety
  • needing general self- care and re-connection to hers